Why We're Here

Thanks for checking out this website, and thanks for giving me the chance to tell you all about North Mountain Lookout
It all started in 2013 at a Darrington town meeting when two men brought up how important it was that someone save the lookout just outside of town. I recognized the historical importance of this and what a benefit it would be to the community to have a place to be proud of that we could all share. Since then a whole team of amazing people have come forward with their energy to bring this to fruition.


North Mountain Lookout is 12 miles outside of Darrington, WA on Forest Road 2810. It was built in 1965 so it's still in decent shape, despite it's being neglected since the '90's.

This project aims to restore this lookout to its original condition so that it can be utilized as a rental for years to come. Of the original 656 lookouts in Washington North Mountain is one of less than a hundred remaining. Aside from saving a piece of history, this will also restore a source of pride for the community and draw visitors to this small town.

Renting lookouts and other historic outposts is a fun and popular pastime for folks. It gives them a chance to get out and have a vacation, while learning about and experiencing a part of local history. But there are only two you can rent in Washington, and you have to hike in... and… they aren't built on a tower. 


We are currently raising funds for the restoration project and greatly appreciate any amount contributed.

We will also have plenty of opportunities for volunteers to get their hands dirty too. Check the calendar under the Volunteer tab for upcoming work parties.

Brianna Hawkins
FNM, Coordinator

Friends of North Mountain, a division of Darrington Strong, Inc.