Situated near the peak of North Mountain at an elevation of 3,824’ this lookout sits on two 5-acre parcels of land owned by the US Forest Service. Only thirteen miles from Darrington, the structure is one of the few of its kind that can be reached by car. This lookout started out as a tent camp with a fire-finder back in 1962 which was eventually replaced by the tower that remains today.  
The North Mountain Lookout is a Region Six (R-6) flat cab with a 41’ treated timber tower. The R-6 flat cab is a live-in lookout structure introduced by the United States Forest Service (USFS) Region 6 in 1953. Individual examples of this cab type feature a flat roof with overhanging eaves and window styles ranging from two-light wood sash to the four-light design of the North Mountain cab. This lookout was constructed by Wood Fab. Co. and V.L. between August 24, 1964 and November 15, 1965.

North Mountain is one of three existing R-6 Flat cab lookouts on the Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest (MBS). The others are Lookout Mountain Lookout, located in Skagit County, and Heybrook Lookout, located in Snohomish County. Only thirteen lookouts remain of more than seven dozen that were constructed on the forest and of the 656 fire lookouts constructed in Washington State less than 100 are left standing. Nationwide, nearly one lookout per week is lost to neglect or disrepair.